Saturday, 4 December 2010


Here's some photographs from a Canuck who lives on the islands... Although Alana resides around Vancouver, she has apparently spent some time with her camera on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some exposures from Denmark and Spain. check out her projects over at:

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


 Apparently there are 80 designers turning the typical or conventional skateboards into a piece of 3D work, with the help of laser engraving machinery that would typically be used for cutting sheet metal and such like... 

The Refill Seven exhibit, which recently debuted in Sydney, flaunts the work of hotshot designers like Michael C. Place , Michael Leon  and Mr. Cartoon. Each created an image to be etched into the seven layers of ply. Each design is being burned on up to 50 boards, which will be for sale this fall at the Reed Space gallery in New York for $500 apiece. get yer wallets oot!!

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Since 1955, World Press Photo has invited press photographers of the world to participate in the annual international competition in press photography. The exhibition provides a platform for creative developments in photojournalism and provides an eyewitness record of world events. This year’s exhibition showcases 167 winning photographs, selected from over 100,000 entries, submitted by photojournalists, picture agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the world. As well as the World Press Photo of the Year by Italian photographer Pietro Masturzo portraying women shouting on a rooftop in protest at the presidential election results in Tehran, the exhibition includes work by seven photographers from the UK. The winning photographs encompass the horrors of war, natural disasters, sporting endeavours and the beauty of the natural world.

If yer interested in going to see this years exhibition then get yourself down to the Southbank Centre, London.

The exhibition is running until the 5th of December 2010.

New Habitat Graphics?

Artist Piotr Woronkowcz has taken his vision to the world of skateboarding with a series of laser-etched wooden skateboard decks. These boards feature elaborate, detailed etchings of natural scenes, architecture or Jesus Christ himself. Piotrs decks are definately one for above the mantlepiece! Im almost sure that I have seen the building graphic decks being sold in an Adidas shop in Stockholm, and they were extremely expensive. So if ye want some nice pieces for the walls and you have a money tree.........


Saturday, 27 November 2010

No matter how much you watch this, it ever gets old...

Heres one for Sam Longmire...

Photobooth Genius?


I just happened to stumble across a website that has a variety of shockingly amazing photographs from the second world war, that have been uploaded from families of those who have obviously had relatives that were active during this time. Being not long after remembrance day and all, let us not forget what went on and never to let it happen again.

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Unseen Amazing World War 2 Photographs

Friday, 26 November 2010

Get some fresh rags.

Ok folks, So my good friend Jessie manages a wee shop in Los Angeles that enables you to design yer own clothing. If ye like fresh brandless hoodies,tees, vests and so on with YOUR own stamp on them, then check out the website at . You may have seen me repping the tee's  I recently received in the post. I have not one bad word to say about the clothing as the tee's are of good quality and these kind peeps donate a nice wee percentage of their proceeds to charities, such as Breast Cancer Support, support in Haiti & Cambodia.

What Apliiq have to say:

apliiq is your favorite hoody. your favorite tee. your favorite dress. your apliiq is different because it's not blasted with logos or excessive graphics. it's different because you designed it, you carefully picked the fabric and color that represents you. everyone asks you where you got it, everyone wants their own.

apliiq is made in downtown los angeles.  we take care to produce the best quality product possible.  every fabric and every stitch has been thought out and we only produce a product once it's ordered.  that means your apliiq was made just for you.



Harlem. Go listen....

Monday, 22 November 2010

And thats me away offshore folks........

So here's some visuals from my last trip away....

Two snaps from the enjoyable Helicopter journey to and from the installation.

Instrumentation Technician Daniel Smith on the Plant.

Supply boat alongside away to start operations.

The Flare.

An obscene amount of seagulls alongside the rig. 

The best bit.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

go and get creative...

Pinhole camera made from yir favourite meal....

Friday, 19 November 2010

In Geneva they kill it!!!

Romain Vanherp - 242 Skateboards - Geneva - City Commercial from 242 skateboards on Vimeo.


Apologies for being pretty damn slack over the past few months, but that DOESN'T mean we haven't been busy.. heres some photo's from some of my jaunts during the summer.... in no particular order... stories of the trips to follow with more snappers.

Drunken night with camera after 'CPH Pro' party.

Angry old Turkish man in Istanbul Bazaar.

Rasmus and Callum's shoes on a ferry between Denmark and Germany.

Old lady in Market in Belgrade,Serbia.

Fountain action in Belgrade,Serbia.

Killing some time on the beach after Colin and Jacquie's wedding. Capistrano,CA

Eureka is an apparently locals only city. California

Samuel Longmire in the navigators seat.

The 'Morgan' twins winding down in Paris CDG.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Callum Barrack with a big clean f/s ollie. Sibbarp, Sweden

Its amazing what you can find washed up on the beach. Haydn Morgan, Stonehaven

Thursday, 12 August 2010

D.I.Y skatespots for life.

Callum Barrack with a big dirty f/s ollie. D.I.Y Berlin.

In progress. D.I.Y A'deen

Pigeon Post

Pigeon chillin' in Lisbon, Portugal.

Some people say that a bird dropping its excrement on you is a sign of good luck.

Man with his fortune teller. Istanbul, Turkey.

What about a chicken picking your fortune for you? To be honest, I'm not so sure. This post is a direct result of a little sky rat deciding to bless my cranium with its unwanted only a couple days ago. 

I actually do feel lucky at the moment.

Inspiration from a Chicken Kicker.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Copenhagen tae Berlin on bicycles

Day One.

After deciding that we was NOT gonna post our bike bags south to the German Capital we carefully bungeed our essentials on to the rear of our two-wheelers. Found 'route master' Rasmus at his homestead and swiftly got our mission underway. The departure from Copenhagen was mellow but yet slightly worrying as a bungee came lose and decided to wedge itself in my rear gears. Causing a somewhat hairy moment and as i had only just replaced a whole new bottom bracket,crank and sprocket with courtesy of British Airways baggage handlers, I was not overly confident that this was gonna be uneventful trip.We made our way to a wee place just south of Cph called Køge where we stopped for a wee 'roll aboot'.

Efter we had exerted ourselves with skating the mini we decided to make heading toward Vordingborg. Upon arrival we soon discover that this was 'Brian" central, 'Brian' being what we would call a Ned or Chav. They were everywhere. Also whilst cycling into the city centre we witnessed a dog pulling a intoxicated middle aged fool from his bike to face. Allowing a dog to pull you on a bicycle is just plain lazy and apparently not a great idea. After we spent more than enough time in Vordingborg we made way to a small place named Gåbense where we decided to pitch our tents whilst being plagued by mosquitos. Tents pitched and bitten to death we treated ourselves to a wee BBQ and discussed how bloody sketchy the bridge we had just crossed was.

Night night and it was end of Day one...

Day Two.

An early start and baked beans was to be a sure bet to get us through the day... We also stopped to watch some local fisherman at work next to where we had been camping.

After we had got all our luggage reattached we missioned it to Stubbekøbing where we chilled, ate some grub and watched the ferry roll in. The roads en route to Stubbekøbing were unbelievably straight. Which you think would be great, but believe me its not that great. It only makes the cycle so damn tedious.


Once fed and watered it was off again to Gedser to catch the ferry to Rostock, Germany. When we arrived in Gedser we had just missed a ferry so we had a 2 hour rest before the ferry arrived. Eventually arrived in Rostock around 9pm then spent around 2 hours trying to navigate our weary bodies to the city centre to find some sort of resting place. We settled to get a hostel in the city so we could shower.

End of Day Two.

Day 3

We got an early start and pedalled oor wee herts oot til we got down to a place called 'Schwaan" and got extremely disorientated and got lost for some time on dirt roads whilst getting chewed alive by what I thought were horse flies.Had to push our two wheelers across the sandy roads as the bikes were not up for going through the fine sandy paths. absolute nightmare. Headed on to 'Gustrow' once we got our bearings eat there then onward to a wee campsite in 'Krakow an see'.

The road into 'Krakow an see'

A dog in 'Gustrow', Germany


Day 4

Wake up for a swim in the lake at the campsite,pack up and leave for Anchorshavn. Yet again we are greeted by a maze of sandy roads and cobbled town roads. so brutal. this was probably the hardest day on the road for sure. when your tired, the sun is beating down and you cant cycle because your bike simply wont go through mountains of sand it certainly takes its toll after a few miles. we eventually get down to a place called 'Blankenfoerde" where we decide to pitch the tents at some rather peculiar campsite. this place will stand out in my mind for the rest of my life for sure. Nudest camp with hens,cats,goats and all other sorts walking around.rad.

Day 5

Id like to show you so many photos from this day but i actually don't think i have any. ha ha. to cut a long story short we absolutely missioned our bodies to cycle from Blankenfoerde to Berlin this day... we tackled some pretty fast roads with loads of crazy german bastards on em. never feared for my life as much as i have on this day! apparently the Autobahns ain't the only roads the Germans like to go fast on, with overtaking techniques that i can only imagine would challenge that of places like Cairo. mental. Hold on got couple pics for ye. Day 5 done and dusted. thats all folks.

This is where it was fun.

This is where is was not fun.

This is where we got to. Berlin, Germany and the sleeping place of our companions for the last 5 days.

Callum Barrack, Rasmus 'Routemaster' Bønnelykke & Gareth Costello would like to thank everyone who has kindy sponsored us on this little journey. It is very much appreiated and to let you know we have raised over 1800 bucks for 'MacMillan Cancer Support'. 

Thank You