Sunday, 25 July 2010

And we give you Connor McGuire........

Connor Hails from White Rock,BC which is not too far from Vancouver. If he isn't taking Photographs, he is appearing on TV talk shows or performing with his band.

Brawl: October 2009
This was taken while I was waiting for Dylan to buy his ticket for
Versailles. These kids were tearing around the courtyard screaming
shit like "ne faites pas cela ! je vous d├ęteste !" I love all the
angles that came out of this shot, such chaos.

This was down in Eugene, Oregon in a really weird park on the U of O
campus . It was one of those situations where you're pointing your
camera at something for a straight five minutes waiting for it to do
something interesting. I got fed up after awhile and got Jay to run at
it screaming. Hollywood magic.

SPILLAGE: August 2007
Most of the time I feel really weird taking credit for taking this
picture. It was one of those moments where everything unfolds so
perfectly and you just happen to be looking at it through the lens of
a camera. All accidental, nothing posed, mid conversation... It's
super weird looking back on this photo because it was taken so
long ago, I don't talk to any of these people anymore.

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